Tile + Stone : Durability & Beauty.

Homebuilders have been using tile and stone for centuries for its beauty and durability, with its popularity increasing over the last two decades. Tile and stone work is offered in a wide variety of styles, colors and materials, so whether you are searching for the charm of the old world or interested in a modern look, the design possibilities are virtually endless.

We understand that choosing a style of tile can be overwhelming; so here is a short description of our most popular types of tile:

Ceramic Tiles

This style of tile is created with clay, but fired at a relatively low temperature before being glazed and then re-fired. This process leaves the tile slightly porous and thus suitable for light traffic and wall applications.


Porcelain Tiles

This style of tile is also created with clay; however, porcelain tiles are fired at very high temperatures creating a much denser finished product. Porcelain tiles will absorb extremely small amounts of water; therefore, making them suitable for outdoor applications. This highly durable tile is also well suited for high traffic areas within the home.


Glass Tiles

This style of tile is available in an array of shapes, colors and sizes and is commonly used in bathrooms, spas and kitchens.


Natural Stone

Natural stone tile comes from different regions around the world and offers a very unique, one of a kind feel to your home. Typically slate.


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