Cork + Leather : The natural choice.


Cork flooring is harvested from cork oak tree once every nine years. Only the bark of the tree is used in the process, making cork the most environmentally friendly flooring option on the market.

The construction is what really makes cork flooring unique. Made up of nearly 85% air, corks honeycomb structure makes it resilient against denting and heavy furniture marks; it has the unique ability to “bounce back” after being compressed.

Cork flooring is warm and comfy underfoot, yet very durable due to its construction. This makes cork flooring a great choice for family rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens.


Crestview Floors is proud to carry Torlys Leather Flooring made from 100% recycled leather content. With leather flooring, small pieces of leather that would otherwise be waste are transformed into beautiful and durable home flooring.

Available in plank or tile varieties, leather flooring has many color and style options, which makes it an option for various styles of homes.

All Torlys Leather Floors are fully tested for performance and come with a 25- year Residential Wear Warranty, a Lifetime Structural and Joint Integrity Warranty, and a 5-year limited Commercial Warranty.