Carpet : Texture, Pattern. Twist. Loop. Shag.

Carpet designed to fit virtually every purpose, style, and budget.



In a word, luxury.
This style of carpet has a smooth, soft, velvet plush look and luxurious feel. To achieve this style of carpet, the tops of the loops are cut which makes the pile stand upright giving a smooth surface, often referred to as 'plush' pile. The yarn of the carpet has a slight twist which is heat or chemically set.



A classic favorite.
This is a very popular cut pile carpet that has alternating twists of yarns that create a two-tone effect. This reflects light differently to give it that two-tone color appearance. Because of the textured finish it does a great job of hiding footprints and vacuum marks.


Cut & Loop

Fun or formal.
Basically it is a cut pile carpet with areas of loop pile designed into it. This carpet style is manufactured with a combination of cut tufts and level loops. Which produce a smooth feeling carpet with a stylish finish. Using various colors can produce a wide range of patterns and designs.



The durable one.
The hard twist style is also known as frieze or curled pile. It has a cut pile with a textured finish which is formed by highly twisted tufts that curl slightly at the pile surface. The yarn is tightly twisted then heat set which forms a textured look to the pile. Friezes are great performers in high traffic areas



Cozy underfoot
This styled carpet is constructed of thicker, typically longer yarn. This style is better suited for rooms without a lot of activity or traffic.


Loop Pile

This is a carpet where the carpet pile forms a loop. This style is formed by threading through the carpet backing then sewn back through which creates a yarn with a loop. This style is made from 100% loop pile tufts of fiber, none of which are cut. These carpets are hard wearing, durable and do not tend to show tracking or footprints as other carpet types.

New carpet product lines

Mohawk SmartStand with DuPont Sorona

• Exceptionally Soft
• Unparalleled Performance
• Permanent built-in stain protection
• Partially made with renewable resources

Smartstrand understands the fullness, complexity and unexpectedness or everyday life. That’s why it is so soft, practical and much closer to perfect than life will ever be.

Shaw Clear Touch

• Incredible Softness
• Superior Durability
• Lifetime Stain Resistance
• Environmentally Responsible

ClearTouch - Shaw’s softest, cleanest, longest-lasting, greener value.

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